Welcome To Hotel Sonar Bangla, Tarapith

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Welcome To Hotel Sonar Bangla, Tarapith

Hotel in Tarapith, Tarapith is a popular holy site for the devoted Hindu pilgrims. The place is named after Ma Kali or Goddess Tara. Here every morning greets you with divine blessing. As the morning rolls into day, tinkling of bells, chanting of Sanskrit slokas and smell of incense add to the spiritual ambience of the place. The very air infuses a strong feel of divinity into the devotees and encourages them to embark on a journey that starts with looking into the soul and leads to complete understanding of eternal and true happiness.

To enhance your spiritual experience, Hotel Sonar Bangla welcomes you into its beautiful building surrounded by acres of greenery and flowers. The exterior fa├žade is imposing and accentuated by equally engaging interior decoration. The best of facilities is extended to the travelers. A happy marriage between traditional hospitality and trendy luxury is what can best define the Hotel Sonar Bangla in Tarapith. The hotel also features car parking facility and swimming pool for the tourists cum pilgrims.

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